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CAO will go anywhere to find the exceptional tobacco.

And it has. Its’ve been all over the world, procuring some of the finest and rarest leaf known to man.

The jungles of the Amazon. The mountains of Colombia. The valleys of the Dominican Republic and the volcanoes of Nicaragua. And nearly every point on the map in between.

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The cigar that put Brazilian wrappers on the map. CAO Brazilia’s lustrous wrapper is perfectly aged and blended with Nicaraguan fillers, creating a full-bodied cigar with an earthy, floral and nutty quality and a long, luxurious finish. It’s a fitting tribute to a country that’s celebrated for creating beautiful things.


Don’t be fooled by CAO Gold’s gorgeous, blonde Ecuadoran Connecticut seed wrapper.

This cigar packs plenty of flavor, earning it many devoted disciples, including some of the industry’s top publications, which have awarded CAO Gold multiple 90 ratings and a status as one of the best cigars in the world, celebrated for its sweet herbal earthiness and notes of pepper, cocoa bean, leather and roasted nuts.

Choosing Your Cigar

Discovering your palate and taking the first steps into cigar smoking requires answering a few questions first - What sort of cigar body are you looking for? How much does price matter?

Trust members of Cigar World to help you find and buy the best cigars. Our groups welcome newcomers into the world of cigars. Get tips and suggestions on the best cigars to build your taste and refine your preferences.

Rely on your local tobacconist - Buying from a fine tobacconist has many advantages. You’ll have a large selection of quality cigars to choose from. Plus, you can count on the fact that those cigars have been well cared for.

Purchase just a few at a time. When you’re just starting with cigars, you won’t know what you like, and your preferences will change quickly. That’s why it’s smart to only buy a few at a time. You’ll be able to experiment with many types of different cigars, and even more importantly, you won’t be stuck with a ton of cigars that you don’t enjoy.

Start on the mild side. For a newcomer, full-bodied smokes can be overwhelming and potentially even unpleasant. So one of the most common cigar tips for beginners is to choose mild cigars. They’ll ease you into cigar smoking and ensure that you’re not turned off at the very beginning.

Cutting Your Cigar

Find your mark: First, find the shoulder of your cigar. It’s where the curved end--the end you put in your mouth--starts to straighten. You’ll want to cut right above that, where the curve is still intact. On most cigars, this is approximately one-sixteenth of an inch from the end.

Line up your cut: If you’re using a single-bladed guillotine, place the cigar against the far side of the opening--away from the blade--and bring the blade down to touch the cigar before you make the cut. If you’re using a double-bladed cutter, gently bring both blades down to touch the cigar. This will hold the cigar in the right place, ensuring the accuracy of your cut.

Cut boldly: Slow, hesitant cuts can tear the wrapper. So cut quickly and confidently—you've got this.

Lighting Your Cigar

When thinking about lighting your cigar, almost imagine you’re at a campfire roasting marshmallows, but instead of a marshmallow, it’s your cigar. Follow these three easy steps and you’re good to go.

Keep your cigar above and near the flame, but don’t let them touch. Burning a cigar directly in a flame can make it too hot and burn unevenly.

Rotate your cigar as you near the flame so all parts of the foot are equally heated. Be patient and keep lighting and rotating until there’s a glowing red ring all the way around the cigar’s edges.

Once the cigar’s tip is lit, take your first puff. Your cigar should burn evenly while drawing. If it doesn’t, feel free to touch-up the end with the flame again. You can also try gently blowing on the foot to create an even light.

Pairing Cigars and Drinks

The first is that you should match body with body and do your best to compli-ment pairing notes. We’ll call this the “Complementary Method”, and you should know that this is what most people will tell you to do.

Basically, if you’re smoking a full-bodied and earthy cigar, you should look for a drink that is also full-bodied.

The second method could be used to maximize the flavors abrought out in both the drink and the cigar. We call this the “Contradictory Method”. Essentially, choose a cigar and a drink that contrast each other in body and flavor, and they will bring out the best in the other. If you are smoking a mellow and sweeter cigar, drink a deeply rich and heavier whiskey to go with.

The result is a smoking and drinking experience that heightens nuances of each other. Coming off of the lighter and airier notes of your cigar, the flavor notes of your drink will be exemplified.

Conversely, a rich and complex cigar will contrast with a glass of sweet white wine or a lighter more floral whiskey by bringing those earthy flavors out of your cigar.