Type: Scotch

1805 - Birth of John Dewar in the village of Dull, near Aberfeldy.
1846 - John Dewar opens wine and spirits shop in Perth.
1898 - A year after John's sons begin construction on their distillery, Aberfeldy goes in to production.
1972 - The distillery undergoes a significant expansion in order to increase capacity and meet the growing demand for the whisky.
2000 - The old maltings buildings get converted into Dewar's World of Whisky, opening to visitors in 2000 and Aberfeldy 12 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky is introduced.
2014 - Aberfeldy introduces a new range of permanent whiskies
2021 - Aberfeldy continues to broaden the range of offerings from its Golden Dram with brand new releases and limited edition bottlings.



Aberfeldy 12 yr old

Matured in a combination or Sherry, Bourbon, re-fill and re-char cask -40% ABV. We lose a fair bit to the angels.

The “Angels Share” is the Whisky lost over the years while the liquid is maturing in oak-casks, disappearing into the air before we’re ready to bottle Almost a third is lost before we’re ready to bottle our Aberfeldy 12 year old.

Scented with spiced and honeyed plump fruits.
Syrupy, with lots of vanilla and fudge and just a whisper of smoke on the finish.

Aberfeldy 16 yr old

Matured in first-fill, re-fill and re-char Bourbon casks and then finished for six months in deluxe first-fill Oloroso Sherry Casks.

40% ABV

Notes of honey, citrus and spicy clove on the nose.
On the palate sherried and full like fruitcakes and dark chocolate with a rich, mouth-coating finish.

Aberfeldy 21 yr old

Aged 21 years in re-fill and re-char cask Sherry and Bourbon Cask 40% abv.

The  oldest offering from Aberfeldy, is crafted from a rare collection of casks aged for 21 years and longer.

Re-fill and re-char casks provide a perfect harmony of rich Sherry casks and vanilla a laden Bourbon casks.

Notes Heather honey on the nose, on the palate creamy macadamia nuts and chewy beeswax swarm the palate with a finish of  dried fruits, toasted coconut, silky oak and a trace of smoke.