Type: Rum

A deliciously appetizing liquid of unquestionable quality, each sip of Don Papa Rum transports you to the mystical world of Sugarlandia - an odd but very marvelous place where senses are heightened, and everything is not as it seems.

A premium aged, single-island rum from the Philippines, Don Papa is crafted on the fertile foothills of the active volcano Mt. Kanlaon - where the finest blades of sugarcane are expertly milled to produce sweet, rich molasses.

After harvest, fermentation, and distillation, Don Papa Rum is blended to perfection by our Master Blender before coming together in an alchemy of magic in a bottle.

Rum is made with sweet sugarcane from only a handful of regions in the world. Unknown to many, the Philippines is one of them. This lush and wondrous land has been crafting rum for generations, but exported very little.

Building on this heritage, it’s only right that Don Papa is made here. An incredible sipping rum, rich with depth and flavour - appropriately reflecting the place it calls home. It’s something the Philippines and the island of Negros Occidental can be proud of.



Don Papa Rum

Aged in Ex-Bourbon American Oak. 40% AVB

Deep in the lush lands of Sugarlandia, the noble cane can be found growing from the volcanic soils of Mount Kanlaon.

It is from this fine strain of cane that we create our rich "Black Gold" molasses. Once distilled, our flagship rum is then aged in ex-bourbon American oak barrels, lending a larger-than-life vanilla aroma.

Our barrels age in a climate so unique, it breathes flavor into the rum. It is then blended with Mount Kanlaon spring water to 40% ABV by our master blender. Sip it straight to taste bold notes of vanilla, honey, and candied fruits, balanced by a subtle hint of citrus. This medium-bodied rum goes down smoothly - and quickly!

Colour: Light amber
Nose: Light and fruity
Mouth: Smooth and delicate
Finish: Long-textured finish

Don Papa Rum Rye Cask

Straight aged in ex-rye barrels. 45% AVB 

This beautifully blanched, fragrant rum is fully matured in American rye casks, bringing a beguiling intensity to its flavour.

Spicy and peppery notes combined with a smooth, sweet complexity shows a whole different side to Don Papa.

Colour: Amber, golden straw.
Nose: Fruity with hints of rye spices.
Mouth: Rich, dry, and velvety.
Finish: Bright, long, and delicate.

Don Papa 10

Aged in Re-Charred American Oak. 43% AVB

Our flagship super premium rum, aged for an additional 3 years in re-charred ex-bourbon American oak barrels.

An unhurried process resulting in a darker and bolder rum with notes of dried fruits, cacao, and a hint of oak.

Colour: Dark
Nose: Rich and sweet
Mouth: Smooth and delicate
Finish: Long-textured finish