Type: Bourbon

Born from over 165 years of Nevada farming tradition in our family, we are proud to be one of the few distilleries in the world to sustainably grow 100% of our whiskey grains onsite, specifically for making a Ground-To-Glass whiskey unlike any other.

Our world-class, slow-grown grains are a point of pride at our Farm + Distillery and are showcased in every sip of Frey Ranch Whiskey.



Bourbon Whiskey

A true farm-to-table bourbon, Frey Ranch Four-Grain Straight Bourbon Whiskey is 100% sustainably grown, malted, distilled, matured, and bottled on the Frey Ranch.

Aged for 5 years, this 90-proof bourbon is smooth yet complex with oak and citrus aromas followed by vanilla, caramel, banana chips, and dried hay on the palate.

With a 4-grain mash bill of non-GMO corn, winter cereal rye, winter wheat, and two-row barley-malted on site, this is a flavorful bourbon that can easily be enjoyed on its own, yet also holds up in any whiskey-based cocktail.

Rye Whiskey

Frey Ranch Bottled-In-Bond Straight Rye Whiskey is made with 100% Winter Cereal Rye.

While it’s rare to feature a 100% single grain mash bill, we wanted to showcase the quality of our slow-grown Rye grains without the impact of any other flavors.

Aged for a minimum of five years and bottled at 100 proof, this whiskey is smooth enough to sip, yet spicy enough to shine in a cocktail.

Our Straight Rye Whiskey is recognized with a Double Gold medal from the San Francisco World Spirit Competition, which is a true recognition to the high-quality Rye grown right here on the Frey Ranch.

Single Barrell Bourbon

We taste through every whiskey barrel as it comes to age and specially select those that stand out with unique flavors and textures.

Born with exceptional characteristics, these barrels are bottled at cask-strength for our Distiller’s Reserve collection that is available in special releases at Frey Ranch and through our online whiskey shop, as well as store-selected barrels as a premium limited release.

Our Single Barrel collection has included barrel releases of four-grain, three-grain, and single grain mash bills to highlight the grains that we grow right here on Frey Ranch.