Type: Single Malt

Glen Moray is one of Scotland’s best loved single malt whiskies. It has been crafted since 1897 in the ancient town of Elgin, the capital of the Speyside whisky region, on what was once the Elgin West Brewery site on the banks of the River Lossie.

Pure waters from the river, malted barley, distillation in traditional copper stills and maturation in American ex-bourbon casks combine to give the whisky its smooth, well-balanced, classic Speyside character.

Glen Moray has always been a place where curiosity about flavour and cask maturation has been encouraged.

Records dating back to the early days show new make spirit maturing in a wide variety of different casks – a highly unusual practice at this time.

A passion for experimentation and a deep knowledge of wood have been passed down through generations of Glen Moray distillers.

The result is today’s exceptional and extensive range of whiskies, offering a flavour and style to suit all tastes.



Classic Single Malt

Light, smooth and fruity, our Classic is the perfect introduction to the world of single malt Scotch whisky.

Encapsulating the flavours for which Glen Moray and indeed Speyside itself is loved for around the world.

Approachable and easy drinking, matured entirely in American oak casks, our Classic opens the door to discovering the rest of Glen Moray's whiskies.

40% Abv

Classic Port Cask Finish

This Glen Moray celebrates our passion for exploring the array of flavours different casks can bring to our whisky.

First matured in American oak casks for classic Speyside notes, it is then carefully finished over several months in port casks from Porto Cruz, renowned as the world's No. 1 port.

Over time, these sweet Portuguese wine casks enrich our single malt with rich fruits and mellow wine notes and give the whisky a distinctive rosy tint.

Light, fruity and balanced, our Port Cask Finish is enjoyed by single malt lovers and whisky newcomers alike.

40% Abv

Classic Sherry Cask Finish

Our sherry cask finish richly illustrates our expertise in finishing, a skill we've been honing for many years.

We begin by maturing our spirit in American oak casks for our traditional Speyside style then we finish in Oloroso sherry casks, sourced from Jerez in Spain to add notes of dried fruity, nuts and spice.

A whisky to be savoured both by long-time single malt fans and new drinkers alike.

40% Abv

Classic Chardonnay Cask Finish

Since the early 1900’s we've been known for exploring the ways in which different casks can influence our whisky and this single malt is an outstanding example of our experimental style.

Matured first in American oak casks in the traditional Glen Moray way, it is then finished in Chardonnay white wine casks.

These casks layer tropical fruit and warm spice on our whisky's classic vanilla notes, culminating in this sweetly approachable dram.

40% Abv

Classic Cabernet Sauvignon Cask Finish

Sweet and full-bodied, the unique character created by finishing in cabernet sauvignon red wine casks is testament to our long-held passion for bringing new flavours to Glen Moray by experimenting with different styles of cask.

Our spirit is first matured in American oak then finished in French red wine casks, becoming rich with dark chocolate and intense spice.

The rare combination of oak and red wine flavours creates a beautifully rounded whisky with a distinctive character, a delight for both traditional single malt fans and those looking to explore something new.

Classic Peated Single Malt

Balancing smoky intensity with our classic Speyside smoothness, this dram is a fascinating introduction to peated whiskies.

It begins with barley which, unusually for Glen Moray, is dried in a peat-fired kiln, for hints of smoke.

Uniting this peated barley with our traditional malted barley, our craftsmen distill a lightly peated spirit threaded with distinctive campfire notes.

Aged in American oak casks for undertones of vanilla and oak, this smoky single malt reveals a new dimension to Glen Moray.

40% Abv

Heritage 12 Year Old

A whisky with a long heritage, beautifully balancing vanilla and berried notes, this quintessential Speysider reflects all our expertise.

It is distilled on the banks of the River Lossie where we have been making Glen Moray since 1897.

This single malt is entirely aged in carefully selected American oak casks to bring out its traditional Speyside character.

40% Abv

Heritage 15 Year Old

Our 15 Year Old marries two very different cask types in one outstanding dram.

With half spending it’s life in American oak embodying Glen Moray's classic style, the other half maturing in oloroso sherry casks resplendent with rich spice, we bring their contrasting styles together to craft intensely complex layers.

With tastes of dried fruits, dark chocolate and spice, amplified by age, this Scotch whisky is a perfect treat for single malt lovers eager to discover more.

40% Abv

Heritage 18 Year Old

Overflowing with spice, oaky intensity and caramelised fruit, this single malt whisky is the pride and joy of our Heritage Collection.

Aged entirely in American oak casks over 18 long years for a rare intensity, it is the ultimate reflection of our traditional Speyside craft.

By using first-fill casks that have not been used for single malt previously, we enhance our spirit with the wood's maximum flavours of vanilla, oak and toffee.

47.2% Abv
Non-chill filtered