Type: Scotch

We’ve been crafting our single malt since 1843, when farmer William Matheson and his wife Anne followed their dreams and founded the Glenmorangie Distillery. Our whisky makers have been dreaming wondrous whiskies in the very same spot, ever since.

Our water is unusually rich in minerals, which helo to make our whisky so fruity. To keep this water pure, we own and protect the entire forest that surrounds our source, the Tarlogie Springs.

To ensure the integrity of our malt, we only use 100% Scottish grown barley, including grain from our own fields.

Our Spirit Animal - The giraffe has long been a beloved symbol of the Highland Distillery. The same height as a giraffe, its stills allow more space for taste and aroma, which is why Glenmorangie’s spirit is so wonderfully delicate and fruity.

But the giraffe faces serious threats in the wild, from poaching to habitat loss. Numbers have fallen by almost 30% in just 30 years – and some types are now critically endangered.

To play its part in helping the giraffe, in 2020 Glenmorangie forged a pioneering conservation partnership with the Giraffe Conservation Foundation (GCF) and the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland (RZSS).



Glenmorangie 10 yr old

First released more than 175 years ago by our founders, the original Glenmorangie 10 year old was known for its mellow tones and delicacy of flavour.  All these years later, The Original remains at the heart of everything we do. Like home, we carry with us, no matter how far we travel. And every time we return, we discover something new.

To give Original a delicious, go-anywhere finesse, we make it in our giraffe-high stills, then we age it 10 years in bourbon casks to absorb all manner of delectable flavours.

The result is a smooth whisky which welcomes you with a rush of citrus, then holds your attention with layers of luscious flavour, from orange to honey and creamy vanilla, with bursts of peach.We are constantly embarking on new sensory journeys, yet we always come home to Original. 40%

Colour: Bright, pale gold.
Nose: Citrus and ripening peaches are balanced by vanilla softness.
Taste: Vanilla emerges, then gives way to a burst of flowery fruitiness.
Finish: A clean and salving aftertaste with hints of orange and peach.

Glenmorangie 12 yr old

In every corner of the world, the setting of the sun is magical, mused Dr Bill, our Director of Whisky Creation and an inveterate traveller. This whisky is Dr Bill’s attempt to bottle the magic of sunset, with its endless horizon of reds, oranges and purples.

The Lasanta begins with our giraffe-high stills, which yield a deliciously delicate and fruity spirit. Next, we mature it in bourbon and sherry casks for 12 years, transforming it into a mouth-watering odyssey bursting with rich spiciness and sun-drenched sweetness.

It radiates with raisins, honeycomb and chocolate-covered hazelnuts lightened by cinnamon breezes.

Each time you watch the sunset, you see something different – this is how it is to drink Lasanta. 43%

Colour: A light russet.
Nose: Warm spices mingle with chocolate-covered raisins, honeycomb and caramel toffee.
Taste: Sherry-flavoured sultanas, orange segments, walnuts and butterscotch combine to create complex warm spices. 
Finish: Long and satisfying, with spiced orange and chocolate.

Glenmorangie 14 yr old

Dr Bill, our Director of Whisky Creation, was born with a taste for adventure. And with this single malt he sought to create a whisky as unpredictable as his travels.

Quinta Ruban is a whisky journey into the wild – a dark and delectable forest where the wind whistles with gusts of peppermint and dark swirls of chocolate can happen at any moment.

In our giraffe-high stills, it begins soft and fruity, then gets darker and deeper as we let it age for 14 years in bourbon casks and port casks from Portugal.The finished whisky is a thicket of voluptuous flavour combinations. Walnut and black pepper. Mandarin orange and melted marshmallow. Dark chocolate bar and peppermint.

Like stepping into a chocolate-minty-orange unknown, the journey is as delicious as the destination. 46%

Colour: Dark gold with a ruby tint.
Nose: Dark mint chocolate and Seville oranges mingle with sandalwood and walnut, with a spicy finish of pepper and nutmeg.
Taste: Mint chocolate and walnuts envelop the palate, laying the foundations for rose, Turkish delight and sweet Seville oranges.
Finish: Long-lasting, silky aftertaste leaving dark chocolate mints and traces of orange.