Type: Bourbon

Kentucky Owl® was founded by Charles Mortimer Dedman in 1879, operating until prohibition became law in 1916. At this point, the government seized some 250,000 gallons of Kentucky Owl®, taking it away for safekeeping.

One night, the warehouse where the illicit liquor was stored burned to the ground. Oddly, for a building filled with alcohol, the fire lasted only a matter of hours, leading many to suspect the entire Kentucky Owl® stock had been whisked away by organized crime to fuel their booming speakeasies.

A hundred years later, the great, great-grandson of C.M Dedman revived the family business and set about blending a bourbon worthy of the Kentucky Owl® name. Six years of rigorous research and experimentation lead to the first new whiskey to carry the Kentucky Owl® name and since 2017 a series of unique batches have been produced to much acclaim.



Kentucky Owl Confiscated

Kentucky Owl® Confiscated pays tribute to the barrels the government, just ahead of Prohibition.

Those barrels were never seen or tasted again. At 96.4% proof it is a much more full-flavored and fuller-bodied bourbon that will stand up neat, on the rocks or in a cocktail.

Nose: Floral notes of gardenia and honeysuckle, orange cuties, vanilla wafers, banana like wet banana bread, toasty notes like sourdough bread crust, grape and red apple fruit notes.

Palate: Graham crackers, citrus, fresh squeezed orange juice, toffee, muted sweet cinnamon spice balanced with white grape notes, finishing with a hint of cayenne.

Kentucky Owl Batch 11

Batch 11 is blended utilizing very particular well-aged, bold Bourbons.

10-14 year old bourbons are blended with mature Bourbons 6-9 years old to create this unique blend.

Serve neat, with a splash of water, or on the rocks. 

Nose: There is an immediate tingle in the nose from the combined rye grains in the bourbons and their age. Followed by a smooth caramel and vanilla pause. Lastly, comes a mild and gentle chocolate vanilla oak.

Palate: The spiciness of the combined bourbon grains, along with the tannins in the wood barrel tingle the mouth with flavor. Followed by a soft flow of bourbon vanilla tea and soft wine.

Finish: The finish is mild as the tingle fades, with a soft apple lingering in the throat.

The Wiseman Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey

The Wiseman™ Straight Rye is a traditional Rye made with a mash bill of 95% Rye.

A spicy nose progresses to the taste, filling the mouth and tickling the tastebuds.

The long finish starts as fresh rye bread and moves slowly toward buttered cinnamon toast, ending with just a hint of English walnut.

The Wiseman American Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

The Wiseman™ Bourbon from Kentucky Owl® is the perfect blend of 4 Kentucky straight bourbons.

Caramel, allspice, and citrus notes fill the nose.

These lead to similar tastes across the tongue, as the allspice fades, the longer finish presents with caramel and hints of oak.