Type: Irish Whiskey

With a nod to the past and a great vision for the future, Darryl is fulfilling his lifelong dream to craft his own exceptional whiskey, by combining the precision of a whiskey Master and the spirit of Limavady’s namesake.

Darryl McNally is ours, and rightly so.
The man was born into his family’s bar and he’s a descendant of the original 18th century Limavady distillers.

Lucky for us, he was also born with the passion, determination, and talent to work his way from sweeping distillery floors to earning his place as one of the best damn Whiskey Masters in the world. Over the last decade, Darryl has crafted more award-winning whiskeys than we can remember for large corporate distillers.

But Darryl wanted something more. To create his masterpiece. 
To build a legacy. To take his leap.
Odds against him but with a little wind at his back, the time has come for Darryl to reclaim the Limavady name and put his hometown firmly back on the Irish whiskey map.

Bringing it to whiskey drinkers across the world
From 1750 to the 1910’s, the Limavady Distillery was in the thick of the thriving Irish whiskey industry. Its signature Single Malt captivated whiskey lovers across the British Empire and beyond.  At its peak, the distillery was producing 1.2 million litres per annum.

Of course, nothing worth having comes easy, and all the best stories have ups and downs. In the 1910s, The Limavady Distillery, like the wider Irish whiskey industry, suffered the loss of its main export markets due to the fallout of world war, civil unrest at home and reduced demand in the US caused by the temperance movement. The distillery was shuttered shortly after.

The years passed. Experience became memory, memory became legend. From that legend sprang an idea, originating in a small bar just outside the market town itself. There, the new Limavady was born.
Limavady Whiskey returns under the banner of the leaping dog, our beloved icon of bravery and goodwill, aiming to capture the hearts, minds and palates of a new generation of craft whiskey enthusiasts.

Imagine a wide, rushing river, pounding through a lush, green valley. A giant Irish wolfhound bounds through the countryside, Gaelic warriors hot on his hind legs preparing an ambush of the wolfhound’s clan. He reaches the riverbank, desperate to alert his clan on the other side. Raging river in front of him, the loyal hound takes a giant, fearless leap across, his silhouette cast against the rising sun.



Single Barrel Irish Whiskey

Hand-Selected Ex Bourbon Barrels
Our whiskey isn’t mass produced. Darryl personally hand picks each cask to make sure it’s exactly to his liking.
Then every PX Sherry cask is bottled separately, with cask and bottle number noted on the label.

Single Malt Irish Barley
Unlike many other Irish whiskeys on the market, Limavady is made with 100% malted Irish barley instead of a mix of malted & unmalted barley, which is true to Limavady’s origins and the traditional way of making great Irish whiskey.

Finished in Pedro Ximénez Sherry Casks
Limavady is aged in ex-bourbon barrels and finish in the highest quality PX sherry casks, affectionately known as “Darryl’s Barrels”.

Paying homage to the original 1750’s design
Featuring an old school 'blob-top', with the celebrated Irish wolfhound embossed below, the Limavady glass is based on an original bottle discovered after centuries buried in the fields near Darryl's home.

The intentional imperfections of the glass texture, among other details, make a seemingly simple bottle a true relic.

The sherry casks deliver warm, inviting dried fruit and spice notes, adding richness to a toasted vanilla base; smooth at first with a satisfying warmth on the finish.