Type: Canadian Whisky


100% Rye.

Pot Distilled.

Aged in New American Oak.


Lot No. 40

The rye grain produces a bold and spicy whisky; many rye whiskies dial down those attributes by using a mash bill of mixed grains.

Instead, Lot No. 40 is crafted specifically to showcase these key characteristics.

It’s made one batch at a time in a single copper pot still to preserve the fruity, floral notes that result from fermentation and showcase the heavy notes of rye bread and baking spices that come from the grain.

By pot distilling, those unique, bold flavours are concentrated.

It is then aged in new American oak to complement the spicy profile of the grain with notes of vanilla and caramel, resulting in a rich and flavorful whisky.

Lot No. 40 Dark Oak

This innovation retains the core essence of Lot 40 100% rye - distilled in a pot still and aged in new American oak barrels.

However, in order to deliver a richer and bolder taste profile, Master Blender Dr. Don Livermore finished the whisky in a second new oak barrel, introducing another dimension of flavor.

As with Lot 40, this whisky was originally aged in char no. 2 barrels to impart the whisky with notes of vanilla and caramel, complementing the rye spice. After this initial aging, it was finished in heavily charred (char no. 4) barrels for notes of charred oak and toasted sugar, as well as adding a deeper color.

This bold and intense rye whisky is bottled at 48% ABV. Lot 40 Dark Oak delivers a full and complex drinking experience when consumed neat or on the rocks, but it also gives added punch to classic whisky cocktails.