METHOD AND MADNESS is a spirit brand hatched from the minds of the Masters and Apprentices of Midleton Distillery.

Our foundation of shared knowledge is unique to the Midleton.

When great minds collide, incredible creations can emerge.

At Midleton, our Master and Apprentice relationship runs deep, with generations of know how meshing with restless curiosity.

There will be trial, and error, and brilliant bottled breakthroughs that start with “What if?” Restless hearts making inspired spirits.



METHOD AND MADNESS Single Grain Whiskey

This release asked the question: What if we take a step away from the familiar with a 9 year old Single Grain whiskey aged in Virgin Spanish Oak.

Without giving too much away, the two made very good partners, with a taste of gentle wood spice playing off the natural sweetness of the grain.


It's not often we deviate from the oak family, so finishing a 7 year old Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey in Chestnut casks came with a measure of guilt.

It’s a combination of what we’ve always done in Midleton and what we’ve never tried before.

One sip suggests it was well worth the deviation.

METHOD AND MADNESS Single Malt Whiskey

This 14 year old Single Malt was matured in American bourbon barrels and features a parcel of whiskey enhanced with Limousin oak, bringing a light French floral note giving way to crisp barley and sweet wafer.