Type: Rum

HERITAGE. NOT HISTORY. It takes every drop of our heritage - past and present - to make Mount Gay rums. From the founding in 1703, to the legendary leadership of Sir John Gay Alleyne. To the digging of our first and only well. The well that still operates to this day, over 300 years later. To the single-strand fields of cane we’re planting at the estate today. It’s all part of Mount Gay. A story you can taste in every bottle. And a heralded rum heritage. This is more than a rum.

A bit of irony here. Mount Gay and our historic landscape was originally owned by John Sober - who inherited a small distillery at the top of Mount Gilboa in the St. Lucy parish of Barbados, far back in 1703.

Eventually, the Sober family hired Sir John Gay Alleyne - a fourth generation Barbadian - to usher in a new era for the distillery. His innovations and achievements were so profoundly successful that the Sober family renamed the entire distillery in his honour. And the world became introduced to a new name with a pedigree of excellence and craftsmanship. Mount Gay.

Inseparable are the natural elements of Barbados and Mount Gay Rum. Since day one, the water, cane and airborne yeast have combined to create our rums. 
The process of refining the cane into sugar, then into fermented molasses is more than tradition, it is our most essential ingredient. It’s why Bajan rum is sought the world over. Adored throughout history by famous figures, such as George Washington. Awarded by connoisseurs and critics. Enjoyed at an island-pace by you and friends.

The 18th century was a time of oceanic exploration, discovery and pirateering. Many told stories of reaching the islands of the Caribbean. Of blinding white sands and waters of emerald and sapphire. 
Many of these stories weren’t believed, unless said adventurers returned with bottles or casks of Caribbean rum - bona fide proof of a sailor’s journey.

To this day our unbreakable bond with sailing perseveres. Mount Gay is truly the world’s standard as the spirit of sailing. Whether you find us sponsoring a major regatta, or simply ready on the shelves below decks of your 22’ cruiser. 



Mount Gay Eclipse

Eclipse Is The Embodiment Of The Mount Gay Style, Body And Aroma By Which Our Master Blender Trudiann Branker Uses To Blend Every Variety Of Mount Gay Rum.

For Many Rum Aficionados Eclipse Is Also The Reference By Which All Rum Should Be Measured.

Distillation: Traditional Column & Double Retort Pot Still.
Style: Crisp & Aromatic.
Aging: Charred Ex-American Whiskey.

Aroma: Distinctive Notes Of Vanilla And Banana, With Underlying Notes Of Caramel, Summer Fruit And Spice.

Taste: An Oaky Character With Slight Burnt Notes.

Body: Light To Medium Body.

Mount Gay Black Barrel

Rich, Complex, Yet Smooth And Round.

Crafted From A Blend Of Intense & Aromatic Rums And Finished In Deeply Charred Bourbon Casks.

Distillation: Traditional Column & Double Retort Pot Still.
Style: Robust & Bold.
Aging: Matured In Ex-American Whiskey Casks & Finished In Heavily Charred Ex-Bourbon Casks.

Aroma: Woody And Butter Notes Balanced With Dried Fruit And Spices.

Taste: Bold And Aromatic With Notes Of Gingerbread, Lychee And Toffee.

Body: Warm, Medium Body With A Long Finish.

Mount Gay XO

A Small Blend Of Carefully Selected Mature Rums.

A Beautifully Round And Complex Liquid.

Distillation: Traditional Column & Double Retort Pot Stills.
Style: Round & Complex, Small Batch Reserve Rum.
Aging: Matured In American Whiskey, Bourbon & Cognac Casks.

Aroma: Perfect Balance Of Vanilla, Oaky And Dry Spice Notes.

Taste: Salted Caramel, Baked Fig And Clove, Dark Chocolate.

Body: Round, Smooth And Richly Creamy With A Long Finish.

Mount Gay 1703 Master Select

The Essence Of Time, The Art Of Perfection And The Finest In Bajan Rum. Limited Annual Release.

A Consistent Style, With Varied Tasting Notes For Every New Edition.

Our Master Blender Personally Identifies The Finest Rums In A Given Year.

Marks Them. And Sets Them Aside For Blending Into This Exclusive, Limited-Production Rum.

Distillation: Traditional Column & Double Retort Pot Still.
Style: Rich & Lingering.
Aging: Aged In American Oak Barrels.

Aroma: Refined Harmony Of Fruity Rich Vanilla, Banana, Oaky And Mocha Notes.

Taste: A Delicious Balance Of Raisin, Spice And Toast.

Body: Exceptional Roundness With A Long, Delicate Finish.